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Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Modern Medicine

While the images of artificial intelligence popularized in modern film and literature are still far from a reality today, subsets of the field like machine learning and deep learning continue to make significant advancements. Machine learning uses statistical models, patterns, and inference to teach computer systems to conduct tasks without requiring explicit instructions. By drawing from a set of training data, computer systems are then able to build up a mathematical model to make decisions and predictions without relying on strict programming. One of the most successful and pervasive achievements of this form of machine learning, or more specifically deep ...
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The Robotic Future of the Construction Industry

By 2019, many industries have embraced the time and cost saving benefits of automation and robotics, but the unique spatial challenges and adaptive nature of the construction industry means that it has not yet caught up to the robot workplace revolution. This may soon change though as industry experts say that the construction field is poised for a robotic takeover. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, almost 200, 000 construction jobs were left unfulfilled and the McKinsey report estimated that on average 98 percent of construction projects go over time and over budget. These labour and efficiency issues mean ...
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